In 2002, our club was contacted by the female mayor of the 6th District, daughter-in-law of our dear friend Guitou Buet, today deceased.
We were suggested to take care of a family of quadruplets born the year before in a family with limited means.
Then started an adventure of 18 years...
It all began with whole afternoons of baby-sitting to give parents some space and allow them to take various necessary steps in total freedom.
Then came the time when we had to help them more materially, with social approaches, medical appointments with specialists.
We also gave them a financial help for the schooling, the canteen, family holidays (in Sicily, the father's native country) or holidays camps, family outings, Christmas baskets.
During these 18 years, we have always been attentive, concerned about the health conditions of Vittoria, the most fragile of the quadruplets, and of Catherine, the mother who raised 5 children on her own, because the father left home rather rapidly.
Our material contribution was thus backed by a moral and affective support which gave Catherine a bulwark against adversity.
She implicitly knew we were THERE.
All this has made us very proud of these 18 years.
We have given energy, time, brought material and psychological support and everyone in the club has participated in their own way or at a certain time.
The quadruplets are 20 today and our action has come to an end but we still keep an eye on them.
Antonio has chosen a work-study contact in a commercial signs company and is moving forward in that direction.
After getting a degree in international trade, Lorenzo would be interested in filmmaking and is considering a trip to the USA.
Luca, still in plumbing companionship, is specializing in climatic engineering, heating and air-contidioning.
Vittoria is at the moment working in a laundry.
As for the eldest, Giulia, she is a cashier in catering and would like to resume her studies to choose a new career track in real estate.
The five of them are very hard-working and overcome financial hardships by taking odd jobs.
It is a deeply united family around the mother who is rigtly very proud of her children.
For us it has been a quite positive and enriching experience.
The energy, the time and the sums of money have not been invested in vain.
It has been a long-term action, rich in humanity, widley shared by all the members of the club, a proximity action whose benefits have been measured throughout all these years.

Marie-Claude Alibert et Elisabeth Bruyère - Club Lyon Parc - District 71